70 min 90 min 120 min 150 min 180 min
¥15,000 ¥18,000 ¥22,000 ¥30,000 ¥36,000
You can get discount by telling “I saw Tokyo Erotic Guide” for…
Over 120 minutes course 3,000 yen OFF!
Our establishment is an escort club that caters to your needs with all our effort.
You can have fun at a very reasonable price with the beautiful ladies who work at our luxury store.
We carefully select our ladies with the customer in mind, choosing not only the appearance but also what is on the inside as well.
Providing the ultimate healing service in return for your heartfelt patronage. We promise it to be an irreplaceable time.
We will never meet our customers, but we will do our best to respond to our customers’ needs and holding trust as the most important, we offer the best service in Tokyo.

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azusa (20)
T152 B87(D) W55 H84

yukina (22)
T160 B89(F) W60 H89

mio (23)
T160 B89(E) W62 H89

kaede (22)
T161 B86(D) W56 H83

moe (23)
T158 B88(E) W56 H86

akari (21)
T160 B87(D) W59 H88

mana (20)
T157 B5(C) W58 H88

anzu (23)
T156 B87(E) W58 H83

tubasa (21)
T160 B86(D) W57 H84

ten (20)
T148 B86(D) W57 H85

mimi (20)
T155 B87(E) W58 H84

koneto (22)
T161 B89(F) W58 H85

misa (21)
T158 B87(E) W55 H88

marin (23)
T150 B86(C) W57 H83

yayoi (21)
T159 B86(E) W54 H87

maki (20)
T158 B86(D) W57 H82

nene (21)
T170 B88(F) W57 H83

honoka (24)
T152 B88(E) W58 H85

emiri (24)
T165 B86(D) W59 H86

marina (23)
T159 B86(D) W60 H89

saki (21)
T159 B90(F) W58 H87

yukino (25)
T158 B87(D) W58 H84

reika (27)
T168 B84(B) W56 H82

towa (25)
T160 B88(E) W59 H90

kazue (22)
T160 B89(F) W57 H88

yumi (29)
T163 B90(E) W62 H98

aoi (20)
T163 B90(F) W59 H88

maria (22)
T158 B90(F) W56 H85

hinami (26)
T164 B87(E) W53 H82

tukasa (19)
T154 B86(D) W57 H85

honami (23)
T156 B88(E) W57 H86

hutaba (21)
T151 B83(C) W55 H81

asuka (23)
T160 B88(F) W57 H86

azumi (23)
T157 B86(D) W58 H85

rino (23)